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About us

Tractor-Line was incorporated in 1989 with only a small factory, has since evolved as a leading manufacturer in tractor and hydraulic replacement parts as well as OEM for automotive parts and components.

At the forefront of the industry, our involvement is not limited to the manufacturing level but the entire integrated process from designing to production, machining to engineering, repairing to maintenance, raw materials to finished goods, and packaging to delivery.

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Technologically equipped with state-of-the-art and fully-computerised machinery, our team of European-trained engineers and technicians certainly have the defined edge in meeting even the most stringent and specific requirements. And with our bi-weekly evaluation, our customers can rest assured that they are furnished with the latest market information, technological know-how and global techniques from time to time.

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Factory Area : 254,333 sq. ft
Number of Employees : 200
Export Countries : Australia, Canada, China, Hong Kong, Gabon, Indonesia, Italy, Singapore, Solomon Islands, Thailand, USA and others.
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